Flapjack Fundraiser

The Flapjack fundraiser that was held on November 15 went from 7 A.M. to 10 A.M. and all of the proceeds went to NAMI High Country. The Flapjack fundraiser was held at the local Applebee’s in Boone. Pancakes, coffee, sausage and other refreshments were provided at the fundraiser. There was also a fundraiser that was held during the breakfast as well. Some of the local organizations donated gift cards to the fundraiser such as Harris Teeter, Anna Banana’s, Stick Boy, Dominos and also the YMCA of Avery County. The funds will be going toward supporting some of the programs and funding NAMI’s main goal, which is to educate, advocate, outreach, provide resources, and support to our local community.

“I thought the food was great, the service was great and it was all going towards a great cause,” said Marty Brown and Lori Tyler who attended the breakfast. Brown and Tyler both have years of teaching experience and discussed their concern for mental illness awareness in the classroom and the community. “With school shootings on the rise and the rise on suicides, I feel like it is a serious issue not to lose sight of. We really need to bring attention to this as a community,” said Brown.

Our community has had a significant loss this past semester with the loss of three young students who were Appalachian State University students. We are in desperate need to draw attention to mental illness and provide as many resources as possible for those who are struggling. Changing the stigmas of mental illness will help change the way people talk and think about mental illness and also provide more resources to our local community. This is our goal. To get involved with our organization or see how you can help please visit www.namihighcountry.org.

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