NAMI High Country Offers Support

By Joe Veler,

NAMI HighCountry Board Member

High Country NAMI Supporters,

We hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Since the first Monday of the month IS the 4th of July, we have not scheduled a meeting for July. We look forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting on Monday, August 1st 2016.

As the nation mourns the tragedy in Orlando and the world attempts to sort through the tragedies in Turkey and India, we hope to offer support.  We thought the following articles may be of interest to our members and supporters. NAMI National is reaching out to law enforcement agencies to help fill the needs of those with mental illness. Law enforcement agencies report that actual crime rates are down, but are noticing an increase in domestic or civil disputes. Many of these civil matters are related to mental illness and the agencies are working quickly to get educated and to educate on crisis intervention to decrease the likelihood for crisis escalation. We all hope to prevent tragedies like the recent Orlando shootings or any crisis where and when possible.

NAMI High Country supports local police departments by providing In Our Own Voice presentations during their annual CIT training sessions in Ashe & Watauga counties. We also use part of our funding to sponsor the events and provide refreshments in these multi-day sessions. We are always complimented on our presentations and have been told the listeners receive some of the most beneficial information through the stories that our presenters provide. Nami High Country presenters are simply an extension of NAMI’s overall push to educate, support, and advocate for mental illness training with local law enforcement. We feel you may be interested in the following news articles and resources.  To find out more about how NAMI is pursuing these educational endeavors while building bridges and improving safety for all, please join us in the days, months and years ahead. Membership is open to all with individual, family and discounted rates to ensure inclusive practices. We are also listed in the non-profit organization options through Amazon Smiles. WELCOME! Hope to see you August 1, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m. at the Watauga Country Library in Boone, NC. Be an ally and check out NAMI!


What is an In Our Own Voice presentation?

What is Crisis Intervention Training?


Guide for Law Enforcement Leaders: “Preparing for the Unimaginable”

Untangling Gun Violence from Mental Illness

Report: Police departments need mental health programs

NC Task Force Takes Broad Look At Mental Health, Criminal Justice

Resource Guide

Check out this great resource guide put together by Parent to Parent in Boone, NC.  Parent to Parent FSN-HC provides free support, caring connections, information and hope to families who have a premature baby, a child with a disability, an emotional or behavioral challenge, a mental illness, a chronic health condition or to families who are grieving the death of a child.

Parent to Parent website:

Resource guide:

Events this Week at NAMI

Suicide Awareness Week

It’s Suicide Awareness Week at ASU and we want to let you know what’s going on with it!  A full schedule of events can be seen at the bottom of this email.  There are two things we’d like to point out to you.

Wednesday, April 22 at 6pm: The movie “To Write Love on Her Arms” will be screened with a panel discussion to follow at Belk Library in room 114 at ASU.  Our very own board member, Dr. Murray Hawkinson, will be on the panel.  Here’s information about the movement:

SATURDAY, April 25 at 9am: Out of the Darkness Campus Walk will be held on Sanford Mall, the field right in the middle of campus at ASU.  This is a time to bring awareness to suicide and suicide prevention.  Laura Anne Middlesteadt, board member, will be speaking.  NAMI will also have a table and there will be a chance to join NAMI High Country!



Appalachian Rollergirls Event to Benefit NAMI

Students: $8
Regular: $12 ($10 in advance)
Ages 10 and under: free

Proceeds go to NAMI High Country!