NAMI High Country Newsletter

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January 2018 Newsletter- Open Mic Night Invitation

June 2016 Newsletter
Recovery Does Happen, by Sharon Carlton

April 2016 Newsletter
Namaste, Y’all! A Southerner Discovers Mindfulness, by Laura Anne Middlesteadt

March 2016 Newsletter
Laura Anne Middlesteadt on Full Catastrophe Living and Experienceing

February 2016 Newsletter
Board changes coming up by Caroline Bond

January 2016 Newsletter
Looking toward the New Year by Brandi Granoff

November 2015 Newsletter
Kevin Hines is coming to Wilkesboro.

September 2015 Newsletter
Joe Veler writes about the SpeakUp 5k

August 2015 Newsletter
Follow up from the NAMI National Convention by Laura Anne Middlesteadt.

July 2015 Newsletter
An article about Psychiatric Service Dogs submitted by Justin Mikel.

June 2015 Newsletter
An article about Suicide Awareness Week from the Watauga Democrat.

May 2015 Newsletter
Pictures of Out of the Darkness Walk, The Rollergirls Event, and our new Board of Directors!

April 2015 Newsletter
Join us for NAMI Walks!

March 2015 Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter
We had a Flapjack fundraiser!

November 2014 Newsletter
Gabrielle Crow shares her experience of a trans life.

September 2014 Newsletter
NAMI Medical Director, Dr. Ken Duckworth shares thoughts about Robin Williams.

August 2014 Newsletter
Justin Mikel shares a poem she has written: “If I Should Choose to Die Today.”

July 2014 Newsletter
Victoria Casey talks about Seasonal Affective Disorder

June 2014 Newsletter
Laura Anne Middlesteadt gives a report on the recent NAMIWalk.

May 2014 Newsletter
Victoria Casey shares a poem she wrote about Anorexia.

April 2014 Newsletter
Jennifer Retarides tells about NAMIWalks.

March 2014 Newsletter
Jenn Matthews writes about being vulnerable.

February 2014 Newsletter
Caroline Bond writes about living with depression.

January 2014 Newsletter
Sharon Carlton gives tips on how to walk with a friend through mental illness.

December 2013 Newsletter
Justin Mikel gives a new version of, “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

November 2013 Newsletter
Laura Anne Middlesteadt reports on Marya Hornbacher visit.

October 2013 Newsletter
Sarah Cooke writes about upcoming visit from Marya Hornbacher, critically acclaimed author.

September 2013 Newsletter
Caroline Bond writes a welcome from NAMI for the first newsletter.

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